For the past few weeks, the church I attend has taken on a new challenge.

It’s called “digital detox.”

Many of us are addicted to our smartphones these days.  That’s no secret.

The pastor is calling for a radical rethinking of the way we use our phones.

Last Sunday he encouraged us to make our smartphones dumb.

He encouraged the congregation to delete the non-essentials from our phones.   Delete everything but phone calls, texting, maps, music (in my case, audiobooks), and photos.

I “digitally detoxed” this week and I can honestly say it has felt good.  For the last several days, I have spent much less time on my phone.

The experience has been quite liberating.  I have so much more free time.  I am training for a marathon.  I’m getting the band back together.  I have taught myself Russian and even picked up a part-time job as an arborist.  Pretty cool.  I was wasting so much time on my phone every day.  (It’s a joke, guys.  I did not really learn Russian.)

But, seriously, you may want to join me.  To watch the sermon just click here: