Not too long ago, I read, How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger.

(Of course, everyone dies, and Dr. Greger knows and admits this.)

In the book, Dr. Greger shows us how not to die too young… because we ate ourselves to death.

The book is a helpful analysis of the standard American diet. (S.A.D.).  Dr. Greger offers an alternative.  Lots of alternatives, actually.

He also offers tips to make the process easier.  For example, drinking free tea is good for us.   We all know that.

But, what if we don’t like drinking tea?  I am not the biggest fan.  I like coffee.

Dr. Greger offers an easy tip.  Just toss a teabag into your water bottle and let it sit overnight.  The next day, as you drink water, not only you will be getting more water, but you will also put more green tea into your body.

Not sure how I didn’t think of this tip before.  I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and not only am I drinking more green tea, but I am also drinking more water.

Give it a try.  Like me, you may end up drinking more water.   And, we could all drink more water.