A reader wants to know if 13 years old is too young for an online Latin class:

How is it that I did not know about you and your classes until last week? I ordered the Word Up video after a FB recommendation. My kids laughed so hard they cried through the first lesson. I now find myself at your website looking through everything you offer. I have 13 year-old son who has studied Latin for a few years. He has worked through Latin For Children, First Form, and Latin Alive 1 (half of it). He breezed through all that and is generally great at language studies. Which Latin class would he be ready for? We welcome hard work and a healthy challenge. 🙂 Thank you for your time! I will continue to download all the samples on your website.

Here is my reply:


If you are really ready for a challenge, then I recommend the Lingua Latina class.  I am not kidding, though, when I say it is challenging.  I just want you to be fully warned.  Of course, I have some safety net guarantees built in for my students and their parents.  First, you only pay for a class once.  Repeat as often as you need to.  Or, if you find it too difficult, I offer a no questions asked full money back guarantee.  

Just make sure you read this first: https://dwanethomas.com/the-hardest-book-you-will-ever-read/

Let me know if you need any help!