I received this note:

Hello There,

I am having a lot of confusion about Latin.

Basically, I am totally lost.

I am telling you this because I thought you might be able to give me some tips.

I need to figure out where I stopped understanding.

As you may know already I am also doing classical conversations Latin along with your class.

I am pretty lost with that also.

I am getting by with translating sentences because i know the vocab but I don’t really understand the other stuff.

I am doing all the exercises. I don’t think I have had it explained to me very well.

I hope this makes sense.:)

Here is my reply:

I am happy to help you.  

I looked back at your previous grades.  You were actually doing quite well.  I know that probably does not help you with your present struggles, but, you have had some victories.

The last homework assignment I received from you was exercise 183.  You scored a 96%  

If you were understanding the assignments then, you could always go back to that point and pick it back up.  I would be happy to grade your work.

You are also welcome to send specifics you are struggling with.  I know you are not alone.  I may be able to create videos to help you, or I may be able to point you to other videos that will help.

One last thing.  Don’t feel too discouraged.  Latin is tough.  Henle Latin is boring.  That is not a good combination.  It could be you.  It could be the book.

It took me a long time to “get it” in Latin.  I had to read and re-read books.  In the end, it all made sense.  But, it took a while.  Don’t let Latin pull you down.  I have seen your work.  You are intelligent.  It may just take some effort to catch back up.