Don’t underestimate the power of reading in Latin.  If you want to learn Latin, you must start reading in Latin.  Use any tool you can to bring more reading into your life.  Use textbooks, public domain books, the Vulgate, Vicapaedia, or Facebook.  

Read, read, read!  Don’t stop.  Read daily.  Carry a book with you at all times.  Seize the hidden moments in your day.

The minutes and the hours will add up.  You will cross the 1,000, or even 10,000-hour threshold before you know it!

Not sure what to read?  

Here’s at least one quick tip: Read Wikipedia… in Latin.  

Wikipedia is available in almost any language.  Researching a topic?  Visit Wikipedia.  While you are there, attempt to read the article in another language.  Simply go to the top/sidebar to switch languages.

Want to read in Latin?  Just visit: Vicipaedia.

Have a Great Saturday!

Dwane Thomas