I received this inquiry:

We are looking to use Visual Latin 1 this Fall for 9th grade. I have a question about your online class, Lingua Latina. If we’ll be doing Visual Latin 1, will we need to coordinate the lessons with the Lingua Latina course? How does it work together?

Thank you kindly for your help! We are looking forward to learning with you this Fall!


Here is my reply:

You must be in Hawaii.  I’m jealous.

The Lingua Latina online class is really a next level class for students who want much more than Visual Latin.  Visual Latin explains all of Latin grammar.  Lingua Latina provides extensive reading in Latin.  I am not exaggerating.  There is a lot of reading in Lingua Latina

You do not have to go through Lingua Latina.  Visual Latin stands on its own.  

That said, I am a big fan of Lingua Latina.  I recommend it for students who have completed Visual Latin.  You can do both programs at the same time, but it is a lot of work.  You know your children.  I would recommend Visual Latin and the live Lingua Latina class at the same time only if your children are willing to work very hard.  

If you want to start Visual Latin, and later add in Lingua Latina on your own, I recommend this “map.”

Let me know if you need more help!