I received this letter:

In the Lesson 11 answer key, for 11B Sentences, sentence #6 is different than in the student’s worksheet.  Is there an easy way to find corrections for the worksheets and tests? I found some corrections by doing a search (and getting the “errata” posts), but I couldn’t figure out how to look for corrections for a particular lesson.  Also, one of your errata posts said that the correct answer to Test 8, #24 was “B.”  I think the answer is actually “A,” but the answer key says “B.”  (If the answer is “B” then “Die sol est lux terrae” would mean “the light of the moon.”)

We love this program, we abandoned two others before finding yours. It’s a keeper! My kids love your humor, and find Latin is definitely not boring!

Here is my reply:

Good morning!

I am happy to hear that you enjoying Visual Latin!  I am sorry that you had to go through other programs on the way, though.  Pretty common story.  I wish it weren’t.  I hate wasting money.  I hate watching other people waste money.  It hurts.  My wife and children struggled for so many years because I was a teacher.  I still can’t stand watching families struggle the way we struggled.

My own site is the place to find all the mistakes in Visual Latin.  I wish there were no mistakes.  But, every now and then, someone spots another one.  I track them all on my website under the name “errata” as you have discovered.

You are right about Test 8, #24, by the way.

24. Die sol est lux terrae. A) light of the earth B) light of the moon C) light of the town

The answer is A) light of the earth.

As for 11b, are you referring to this sentence? 

  1. Feminae amicae sunt.

I checked.  This may be one I had previously caught, but perhaps not before you started using Visual Latin.  I apologize for causing you any consternation.

Let me know if you need more help!

Have a happy Wednesday!

Dwane Thomas