I received this comment recently:

“I just discovered your site and plan to use it to augment your VL course that my  daughter and I are taking (home school)..and enjoy.  I also purchased your “Word Up!” which she really enjoyed.  My daughter is a writer.  She loves Mythology  and had asked for several years to study Latin.  As I thought  that it was not a good use of her time–I directed her to Spanish.  She was not happy, and eventually I reconsidered and found your course.  Apparently it was designed for Christians.  Even though we are not Christians, we decided to give it a try.  We may be the only non-Christians using your course!  My daughter has been dying to read some non-religious material, so we will be using the primers you offered  on Compass-thank you! In the future I will be looking at your live classes…

Thank you for VL!

Here is my reply:


Glad to hear you and your daughter are enjoying Visual Latin and Word Up!  She and I share a common interest, by the way.  I am fascinated by mythology.  Keep in touch.  As she improves in Latin, I will be able to recommend an old Latin book or two about mythology.  It’s fun to read these legends in ancient Latin.

Visual Latin was sort of designed for Christians, and I myself am a devout Christian.  But, more than that, I designed Visual Latin based on the Vulgate, because the Vulgate is one of the easiest places to start when learning Latin.  It is so much easier to read one of the gospels than to read the Gallic Wars, by Julius Caesar.  The gospels are written at about a 6th grade reading level, while the classical Roman authors write at a much higher, scholarly level.  

I chose the Vulgate at the base of Visual Latin to make things easier on my students.  Were I teaching them English, I would do the same.  I would have them read one of the gospels in English before tossing them into Shakespeare.

And, by the way, you are not alone.  There are other non Christians using the course.  Though, I will say, you have certainly displayed a more open mind and more charity than many of them have.  

All the best,