This site exists to help you with the world’s most popular language – English.

If you are reading this, you are already lucky enough to speak English.

Well, then…  what good is this site to you?

Think Outside the Border teaches English from a different perspective. Turns out, English is nothing without Latin and Greek.

English stands on a Germanic grammar system, but it’s powerful vocabulary exists only because of Latin and Greek.

If you know some Latin and Greek have a serious head start on those who do not.

Each day (except Sunday) you will find two new words on the site.   Those two words, one derived from Latin, and one from Greek, will empower your vocabulary.

There is no reason to assume we humans are so different from each other.  We possess different skills, personalities, and experiences, of course.  As you go through life, however, you will consistently discover, those ahead of you often have one thing in common… a powerful vocabulary.

Earl Nightingale once said, “Before you do anything else, master your language.

Ready to master your language?  Spend some time here each day. Improve your vocabulary.  Improve yourself.

Master English!