Since Classical Conversations adopted Henle Latin as their preferred Latin textbook, we have received requests from students asking for an online Henle Latin Class.  Well… here it is!

This fall I will take students through the first year Henle course!

That’s right, frustrated, tired, overworked, homeschool mother who happens to be reading this.  YOU do not have to teach your kids Latin!

I will do it.

Hi, my name is Dwane Thomas.  I have been teaching Latin for a long time.  In fact, I taught Constantine!  OK.   Not that long.

Look, Robert Henle’s First Year Latin is a fantastic, proven course.  No one doubts that.  And, yet, at first glance, it’s terrifying.  I have heard from some mothers that it is also terrifying at the second, third, fourth, and fifth glances.

No fear.  I will guide your children through Henle First Year Latin.   And, I will do it with patience.  And some really lame jokes.  Your kids will pretend to hate the jokes, but deep down, they will like them.  Maybe.

This course, which will last for 41 weeks will cover the entire book.

Several online programs charge more for this course, and then spread the course out over two years, or more.  This means you are paying over twice the amount to plow through Henle First Year Latin.

I have watched schools spread Latin out over a six or seven year span.  And, yet, students complain that they hate Latin, can’t speak Latin, and can barely read Latin!  After six years?

Please.  Latin is a language, guys.  It just does not take that long to learn the basics of a language.  After six or seven years of study, a student should be fluent in the language!  They should not be slowly, and haltingly translating.

I will not drag students along for six years.  Financially, it would be great for me if I could convince you to send checks every year for six years, but, I just can’t do it.

By the way, this is going to be a tough class.  I only want to work with motivated students who are going to perform, rise to the challenge, and do the work.  Not to put to fine a point on it… please don’t sign up if you are lazy.  

Students will likely spend an hour a day learning Latin outside of class.  

  • They will turn in weekly assignments.  I will personally grade their work, pointing out mistakes and offering tips for improvement.  
  • They may watch the recordings of class in case they missed anything, or in case a concept was too difficult.

That’s right!  Classes will be recorded.  Miss class?  No big deal.  Students can watch it later.  Confused in class?  No big deal.  Just watch the recording again.

By the way… why would I be willing to personally grade your work, students?  

I am willing to do it, because it makes me better at Latin.  You may be confused when you look under the hood of a car, but a mechanic who has looked under twenty hoods today, is not confused.  The more Latin assignments I grade, the faster I get at Latin.  

I’ve been doing this a long time, and I am fast.  But, I want to get faster.  I have some personal goals I am trying to reach.  I need your help. 

At the end of the first year, we will roll seamlessly into Henle Latin 2. The advanced reading class, Caesar and Christ, will focus, as its name implies, on Caesar’s Gallic Wars and readings from the New Testament.  


That’s right, students will be able to read from the New Testament… in Latin!  How many high school students are able to do that?


One more thing…

I offer a guarantee that you will not see anywhere else.  If you sign up for this class, only to find that you bit off more than your children could chew, you have several options.  

One, You (or your child) can take the class again… free.  Gratis.  Seriously.  Pay once, and take Latin 1 as often as you need to.

Or, two, if you realize you signed up for something that just isn’t working for your family, I will refund your money.  No questions.

Honestly, you are not going to find this policy, or this guarantee in any other online course.

If you do find this offer anywhere else, please let me know about it so that I can eliminate the source using terrifying techniques that I will not go into here. 

Here again, are the benefits for you.

  • You, tired mother, do not have to teach Latin.
  • You are not going to send me checks every year for six year…unless you want to!
  • You do not have to grade anything!  I’ll do it for you.
  • Take the class again if you need to… at no charge!
  • Money back guarantee… no questions.

By the way, I spent yesterday “shopping” around for online Latin classes.

I found quite a few.  The prices ranged from the $575 on the high side, to $400 on the low side.

And remember, many of these courses take two or three years to complete.

These courses are fine, I am sure.  They are taught by skilled instructors, I have no doubt.  They deliver on their promises.

But, I like to OVER DELIVER.  Why?  Because the happy emails I get from happy people make me happy!

Here’s one of my favorites:

I can’t not scream loud enough about this man! My dd had a horrible teacher for Latin and turned her completely off Latin, foreign languages, and anyone except mom teaching her anything – ever!

It took me over a month to talk her into trying him. Within 2 weeks she did a complete turn around – with in a month all I heard was Latin Latin Latin (But without tears this time).

– S. F. 

Here is another one I received recently:

My daughter absolutely loves your class!  

She said for the first time in a long time, she actually understands Latin instead of just memorizing it.  She really appreciated how well you explained everything and took the time to answer questions.  She was so excited to get her paper graded so quickly.  She also commented on how friendly, funny, and respectful you are.  

I can’t tell you how encouraging and reassuring it is to have found your class.  She’s gone from feeling defeated to hopeful.  Thank you so much for allowing her to join your class.  She is really looking forward to next week.

 – C.H. 

Here’s the thing… I want you to enjoy Latin.

That’s why I am offering this class at the low price of $380!

I can’t guarantee this price in the future.  Already, I am getting pressure to raise the price.  “Keep up with the times!”, my friends are telling me.  Maybe they are right.  Maybe it is time to raise the price.  

It’s just that, once upon a time in America, Latin was included in a child’s education.  That’s no longer the case, I know, but I would like to at least make Latin affordable again.

For now, I am keeping the price low.  Next year… well, we will see.

Sign up.  You have nothing to loose, and an impressive skill to gain.

One more thing… This course will require a lot of time on my part.  For that reason, I am limiting the number of students.  Let me know right away if you will be joining me this fall!  

See you in class!