I received this email:

Dear Dwane,

“My son has fallen behind in your online Lingua Latina class. I didn’t realize how far he’d fallen behind until late last week. He’s working hard to catch up, though. I’m going to have him continue watching the recorded class videos that go along with the chapters he’s working on, and I hope to have him rejoin the live class before too long.


Here is my reply:

I frequently have students who fall behind.  Lingua Latina is a tough, tough book.  

So…, what do you do when you fall behind?  

First,  do not panic.  You are not alone.  Many, many students fall behind.  It is so common.  Latin has a way of kicking those who are down.

Second, remind your son that Latin is old.  Really old.  It hasn’t really gone anywhere for two thousand years and it isn’t going away.  In other words, he has plenty of time to study Latin.  

I didn’t start learning Latin until I was 23.  

Even better, Benjamin Franklin didn’t start until he was 40.  

Best of all (though it is not about Latin), Dr. Mary Hobson did not start studying Russian until she was 56.  She went on to become a famous translator.  

The point is this… You son is not behind at all. Perhaps he has simply stalled out for a bit.  There is time to catch up.

Third, remind him that he is welcome to contact me.  I want to help.  Chances are he is struggling with the same thing other students struggle with.  I may be able to create more videos from his questions.  

Fourth, don’t forget… anyone can repeat the class for free.  You have already paid for the class.  When we start again in August, your son is welcome to jump in again… gratis.

Let me know if there is any way I can help.