I received this question from a student:

Hello Mr. Thomas,

What is the next after the Lingua Latina advanced classes? Should I take Henle or Fables & Foundations?

Here is my reply:


I recommned Fables and Foundations (even though it is a new class) just because I think it is going to be much more enjoyable.  We will be reading Greek and Roman myths as well as the book of Genesis. All in all, it should be lots of fun.

The Second Year Henle class is really a one year reading of Caesar’s Gallic wars.  Honestly, the content is rather boring, gruesome, and at times depressing.  Basically, Caesar, in a bid for power, runs around the French countryside hacking down anyone who gets in his way.  

Coming from Lingua Latina to Henle Latin is a bit of a disappointment.  No one made Latin more accessible than Hans Ørberg.  

Inspired by your question, I just orderded a copy of Caesar’s Gallic wars edited by Hans Ørberg.  I am hoping it will be better than the Henle version.  Perhaps I will teach a Hans Ørberg version of the Henle 2 class.

I really only recommend the Henle classes for students in Classical Conversations.