I received this inquiry:

Comment: I’m teaching Visual Latin to a group of 8th graders. I’m wondering if there is a chart or resource somewhere that tells me which nouns belong in which declension as they are introduced lesson by lesson? I’d like to have the kids color code their vocab cards as they make them as to the declension they belong in. Is there such a resource?


Here is my reply:

There is no resource like that specifically for Visual Latin.   it’s a good idea, though. Perhaps I should make it.

Meanwhile, I would suggest you use the website Whitaker’s Words.   Each time you type in a noun, the site will give you the declension of the noun. 

It’s a little complicated at first, and I should produce a screencast to explain it.   But, for now I’ll just try to explain what you see in front of you.

I typed in the noun “terra.”   This is what popped up.   Notice all the number ones?   This indicates that the noun is in the first declension. You can also see that “terra” could be in the nominative, vocative, or ablative.   The cases are abbreviated.  

NOM =  Nominative. 

VOC =  Vocative.  

ABL = Ablative.

Finally at the end you have the definition.  

terr.a               N      1 1 NOM S F                 

terr.a               N      1 1 VOC S F                 

terr.a               N      1 1 ABL S F                 

terra, terrae  N  F   [XXXAX] 

earth, land, ground; country, region;

I hope this makes sense, and I hope it helps. Until I develop such a resource for Visual Latin Whitaker’s Words is a great place to go.