I received this question:

Hi!  I am CC tutor and I have completed 1-26 in Henle I four times.  I will be doing Henle 3 this fall with an older group.  Do you recommend I finish Henle I on my own this summer and get as much of Henle 2 done as possible, or jump into Henle 2 now?  What would be the best prep for Henle 3?  I have read before than 1-26 is all that is necessary for 3, but if you think I would be better off finishing the first book, I can do that instead.

Here is my reply:

I have never taught Henle 3 (I start this year) so, I am not exactly sure what to tell you about preparation.  I can say this, though… 

In my experience, Henle 1 does not prepare students for Henle 2.  I fear what is waiting for myself and for my students in Henle 3.  

I think the best thing students can do is simply jump in and start swimming.  

If you are interested, there is an ace you can play.  If you have time this summer, read Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.  Since you have read Henle 1 many times, you are already ready for it grammatically.  You will have to learn a lot of new vocabulary, though.  Henle Latin 1 teaches students about 400 words.  Lingua Latina teaches students about 2,000.  When laid out like that, it is easy to see the problem with Henle Latin.  

Henle Latin is worth going through.  But, in my opinion, it really needs to be supplemented with Lingua Latina.  

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