I received this question:

I’m 26 and currently learning French and later want to learn Spanish.  The only problem is that I have quite a bit of trouble with grammar. Do you think the visual Latin course would be helpful to learn French and Spanish?

 Here is my reply:

It’s certainly possible.  It sure helped me.

The grammar of Latin is far more behaved than the grammar of Spanish and French.  I have found the grammars of modern languages much easier to understand due to my study of Latin grammar.  

I actually failed English grammar in school.  On multiple occasions.  I also struggled with German grammar.  It was not until I studied Latin that it all came together.  

The nice thing about Latin is that it is essentially frozen in time.  The grammar is manageable because it does not change.  The grammars of modern languages are in constant flux.  

Let me know if you need more help!