As some of you know, I am running a ridiculous experiment.

Late this year, I lost the ability (okay, okay… the will) to rise early.  I wanted to pick the habit up once again but wasn’t quite certain how to motivate myself to do.

So, I decided to crowdsource my problem.

I announced an early morning etymology class. I figured if others were willing to get up early to hear what I had to say about the influence of Latin and Greek upon our language, I would be motivated to rise early once again.  After all, it would be embarrassing not to show up to my own class.

And so, the day before Christmas, 2017, I announced the class.  Christmas evening, I decided that I was an idiot.  I checked the registration, certain no one would have signed up.  I intended to cancel the class before ever started.  To my surprise, 20 people had already joined the class.  There was no turning back.

So far, so fun.  I’m glad you guys signed up.  I’m enjoying this.

Keep in mind, this is an experiment.  I am testing the class out for a few weeks.  I may terminate the class.  I may continue the class.  I have not yet decided.

Currently, the class is free to anyone who would like to join.  Here is the link:

And, in case you missed it, here is today’s class:

By the way, here is a copy of the book we looked at in class today:

I will post the first few class recordings here.  In a few days, the recordings will only be available in the members’ section.  The recordings will only be available to subscribers.

Of course, if you would like to subscribe to my site, You will have access to this class.  You will also have access to every other class I teach.

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