This one is going to be quick.  It’s 11:30 on Friday night, and I am tired.  Packing for a seven-person, six-week expedition is exhausting.

In fact, it is so overwhelming, I toyed with the idea of cancelling the entire trip.  Then, my wife informed me that she had rented our house for the month.

“We have to go,” she said.  “We have no place to live.”

One week ago, I finished school.  Tomorrow, at five in the morning, we are leaving home.

For the last six or seven days, we have packed in everything that needed to be done.

There was much to be done.

When we first looked at it all, we started to freak out.  Then we remembered some advice Zig Ziglar used to preach.

“Before you go to bed tonight,” he would say “write down everything you need to accomplish tomorrow.”

I am used to doing this.  I’ve been doing it for years.  But, this year, after Christmas, I got lazy.  I quit.  I did not get much done after Christmas.

This week I needed to accomplish a lot.

So, once again, I followed Zig Ziglar’s advice.  Result?  In one week, I accomplished more than I have since Christmas.

What is the tip of the week?  Simple.

Before you go to bed, write a list of what you need to accomplish tomorrow.  When you wake up, get to work on that list.

See what happens.

By the way, I will try to post the tip of the week every Saturday during the month of June… but, there is a small chance you will not hear from me for a bit.  Not sure how much access I will have to the internet.

I will be on the road.

Have a happy Saturday!