I received this email:

I am wondering if you can think of some options I may have with my son.  He just won’t do the work.  I was hoping the live class would be motivating for him but he refuses to participate and I have found him looking at the answers to do the work etc.  I am considering just dropping the class but if he later decides to do the work I would like the resources available for him.  it is s wonderful site. I don’t want to keep paying the graded option when he refuses to do any work etc…..what other options do you have?  Thanks for this service.  I am sure many are thrilled with it!

Here is my reply:

I may not have much advice to offer you.  It is very difficult to motivate someone unmotivated.  My suggestion?  Manual labor.  If he is old enough, a construction job, perhaps.  Manual labor always has a magical effect on me.  Oddly enough, I still have my construction job.  I just don’t show up as often.

There is also this… he doesn’t have to learn Latin.  I have met many happy people who haven’t.  You have too.  We all have.  Latin is just not as important as most people claim it is.

I am happy to work with you on this.  I don’t want to encourage quitting, but I know from experience (ten years in an inner-city school) that you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.  Forcing your son through this may only be a recipe for home strife.

Happy to keep this conversation alive.  I hope this was at least some help.