I received this question:

Would you please provide your input as far as having my children take the NLE this year? They are currently in your Henle Latin 1 class and although they cannot always attend your live sessions…they have been keeping pace right with the schedule.

It has been a good experience thus far and they are doing well.  Both still like Latin:).

Which exam would they take? This will be a first experience.

Here is my reply:

I am not the biggest fan of the National Latin Exam.  It doesn’t really match up with any one Latin book.  Not the fault of the writers of the exam.  I don’t know how they could.

That said, I do think it is a great way to practice Latin. 

I have taught the exams in the past.  If you want to watch those classes, just go here: https://dwanethomas.com/previous-classes-4/

Look for this:

If you would like to practice some of the tests on your own, go to this page: http://nle.org/exams.html

Scroll down until you see:

PREVIOUS EXAMS and Keys Online

Copies of the previous National Latin Exams and Keys can be viewed online with Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 9 or later, and printed for practice.