Catching up on emails this afternoon.

I was out in Heber Springs, Arkansas for a few days.  Was on my way to Oklahoma, but stopped off in Heber Springs to visit some Visual Latin students.  Ended up “iced in” in Arkansas and never made it Oklahoma.

I emailed my friend in Oklahoma, canceled and apologized, and caught up on a lot of work while I waited out the ice storm.

Now that I am home, I am catching up on emails.  This email from April C. is my favorite by far:

“Thanks for offering all of your classes for such an affordable price.  I truly appreciate your generosity!  And your humor.  Some days you provide me a desperately needed laugh.”

I am fiercely opposed to 19th-century industrial education.   I am all for keeping students out of the halls of indoctrination.  If you are not sure what I am talking about, read this:  It will shock you.  In a good way.

But, I am also fiercely opposed to something else.  I am fiercely opposed to those who lay heavy burdens on others.  These days, when a parent makes the courageous, and difficult decision to homeschool their children someone may very well show up and say, “Hey!  I see you are homeschooling your kids.  That’s tough.  That’s very tough.  How about making it much, much, much tougher.  Why not add Latin?”

Okay.  Maybe no one uses those words… but, that is what is happening.

I have a different approach.  I have dedicated my life to learning Latin.  I have gone through the hard work for you.  Now, I will teach Latin to your kids and I will do it at an affordable price.  That’s where April’s quote is coming from.

She’s not alone, either.  Here are many, many, many more: