I have been quiet this week.
It’s not you.  It’s me.
I have been in a bicycle maintenance school in Manitou Springs, Colorado.
The experience has been great, but it has been intensive.  I love bicycles and now know how to build one.  I don’t have the tools at home to build one, but, I do know how to do it now.  For some reason, this makes me very happy.
On to Latin.
First of all, I will be setting up the live classes as soon as I get home.  So… horses.  Hold them.
This week someone asked why I had moved Henle 3 to the morning and Henle 1 to a bit later.
Here’s why:
If Henle Latin were a marathon, Henle 1 would be a flat stretch along the beach.  Henle 2 would be a stretch of rolling hills.  Henle 3 would be strenuous hill climbs.  Henle 4?  At the last minute, the race organizers decided to add an iron-man race.
I used to teach Henle 1 first thing in the morning when I was wide awake and eager.  Then, a little worn out, I would teach Henle 2.  Finally, almost spent, I would teach Henle 3.  I have not yet taught Henle 4.
This summer, it hit me.  What if I reversed it all?  What if I taught Henle 3 when I was wide awake and eager.  This is currently the hardest class I teach.  It finally hit me that I should start with this class.  Henle 2 is easier.  And, Henle 1 is a breeze.  Flipping the order would be like running downhill instead of running uphill.
Of course, that doesn’t work for everyone and I received a request to change the schedule.  I am considering it.
Just curious, would the mornings of Monday, Friday, or even Saturday work for you guys?  May not work for me. This is just me tinkering around with schedule again.
Also, just so you know, I am hoping to teach through a “book a month” early in the mornings.  We will meet every weekday for a half hour, or so until we finish the book.  Henle 3 is on the list.  Would that be interesting to you?  We would meet around 6 AM central time zone.  I know that will not work for everyone, so don’t feel bad about missing that.