Abrasion: A scrape. 

Fall off of a bicycle and you may end up with an abrasion. 

Abrasion can also be the act of wearing or rubbing off.  For example: The constant abrasion of chairs left scratches on the hardwood floors. 

Abrasion come from the Latin word abradere, which means, to scrape off.  Abradere itself derives from ab (away) and radere (to shave, scratch, or shape).

Incidentally, if you know someone abrasive, you know him to be rude.  What does an abrasive personality have to with a word that once meant, to scrape off?

Sandpaper is a famous substance with an abrasive surface.  We use the rough surface of sandpaper to scrape paint, or glue from wood, or metal.

Dealing with an abrasive personality is a bit like dealing with sandpaper.  Expect to be rubbed the wrong way.