I received this question:

My son took your Latin Henle Year 1 last year.  We are trying to figure out which class would be the best next step for him to take.  What would you suggest?

Here is my reply:

Since he has finished First Year Latin by Robert Henle, it really makes sense to move on to Second Year Latin by Robert Henle.  Unfortunately, it’s not a very inspiring book.  It does, however, introduce students to Caesar’s Gallic Wars.  I find that book interesting.  I’m not sure everyone else does.

For all of my students who finish First Year Latin by Robert Henle, I always recommend they read Lingua Latina.  Of course, they’re more than welcome to attend the classes I teach on that book, but after finishing First Year Latin, I feel they are ready to read Lingua Latina on their own.  From Lingua Latina, they can go in almost any direction they like.  It really opens the doors.