Here is a complex Latin question I received.  

My guess is that more than a few of you are in this situation. 

I have 2 daughters taking Latin.  One is taking your Henle 1 class. She was in Classical Conversations until this past year.  That is where she started with Henle. I was assuming she would just continue with you with Henle 2 even though she is no longer in CC.

My younger daughter will be finishing First Form Latin, Year 1, by Memoria Press. 

As for my younger daughter,  would advise starting her in Lingua Latina and not Henle?  

Since my older daughter is no longer at Classical Conversations, after she completes this years Henle 1, would you advise her switching to Lingua Latina also, instead of Henle 2? If she makes the switch, where would she begin? 

Here is my reply:

Hi, Jean!

I would definintely recommend Lingua Latina for both of your girls, depeding on a few variables.  First, how old is your younger daughter?  Lingua Latina is a tough course.  I don’t want to overwhelm her.

As for your older daughter, I recommend she read Lingua Latina (or, go through the class) just because if fills so many holes that Henle Latin does not fill.  

If you decide to have here go through the class, though, chose the “repeat” option when purchasing the class.  This way, you will not have to pay for her.  Since she has already completed the Henle class with me (or, will have), I would consider her a repeat student.  

If she wants to go beyond the level she is currently in, I recommend the Fables and Foundations class.  I am seriously considering adding part of Caesar’s Gallic Wars to this class as well.  Caesar’s Gallic wars is the content of Henle 2.  

I am tired.  Am I making sense?  I hope so.  Let me know if have confused you and if I can be of more help!