I received this inquiry:

If we took VL 1 this year (30 lessons), can my student take the online Latin II or should we take online Latin I ?  Just wondering because the chapters covered in LL Online I are fewer than those covered in in VL I.


It all depends on the class you would like to join.  If you are interested in Lingua Latina, I would suggest you start reading Lingua Latina.  See how far you can go.  If you can make it to chapter 19 (Latin 1), you can jump into the second class (Latin 2).  I have to warn you though, it is a tough, tough book.  

You should know most of the grammar in the book.  Visual Latin taught you the grammar.  The problem is the vocabulary.  There is so much vocabulary in Lingua Latina.

You could also skip the Lingua Latina online class and just join Latin 3, Fables and Foundations   Students who have completed Visual Latin should be ready for this class.  It will be challenging, of course, but, Latin always is.  We will be reading through a book containing Greek and Roman myths.  Then we will read through some of the Vulgate (parts of Genesis).  We will finish the year by reading through some of Caesar’s Gallic Wars.  

Even if you chose not to join the Lingua Latina class, I still recommend you read it.  Perhaps over the summer.  It is an excellent book.