I received this question about the vocabulary class:

Do you have a target age for this class?

Here is my reply.  Warning.  It gets a little weird.

I apologize for the delay.  On the road for weeks.  Home now.  Catching up.

This class is more for high school/college age students.  Some of the content will deal with adult themes.   However, this will be rare, and I will handle such concepts with as much taste and discretion as possible.  

As an example, I know that the word “gynaecologist” comes up in the book we will use, Word Power Made Easy.

The word comes from the Greek word for woman, γυνή (gune), and λογος (logos), meaning word, or the study of something.

I would explain this to the students this way.  Outside of the medical field, gynaecology is the study of women.  Inside the medical field, gynaecology is the study of female reproductive organs.  

When terms like this arise, I will do everything I can to keep the conversation clinical and intellectual.  However, there is no way around it.  Some potentially shocking terms will come up in class.  

It is for this reason I recommend students are at least in high school.  

Let me know if you need more help!