Dear Student,

Do you want to learn Latin?  Good.  You have chosen a good goal.

Unfortunately, choosing the goal is often harder than reaching the goal.  I am sure you know this already.

I have taught Latin for nearly two decades.  Latin is one of my favorite subjects.

However, Latin has also made me very sad.  It has made me sad, because, year after year, I watch students struggle with the language.

Sometimes it is Latin that causes trouble for my students.  More often, it is my students who are causing their own troubles.  They typically blame Latin.  Latin is too hard, they complain.  Yet, Latin is not always the problem.  After all, it is a language.  It is a grammar system and a vocabulary system just like Spanish, French, and Russian.

Sure, learning another language can be tough… but, it may not always be the language itself causing the problem.

I have been teaching Latin for a long time now.  I have taught very successful students who are now fluent in multiple languages.  But, I have also taught students who did not finish.

I want you to be among the students who are now fluent in multiple languages.  I want you to succeed.

Now, in my just-published 113 page e-book, Via: A map for students lost on the road to Latin, I reveal the secrets to maximizing your efforts while learning Latin.

In it you will discover:

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  • Why setting clear goals is so important.   Page 10.
  • How much time it actually takes to learn another language… in this case, Latin.   Page 20
  • How to create more time for yourself so that you can learn Latin.  Chapter 1

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  • How to use those “wasted minutes” during the day.   Page 26
  • How to develop the habits that will make learning Latin automatic.   Chapter 2.
  • Why language “immersion” does not always work.  Page 43.
  • How to recognize the tools of the internet age.   Page 45.
  • What to listen to as you learn Latin.   Page 53.
  • What you should read as you learn Latin.  Page 55.
  • How to read the news in Latin.  Page 61.
  • Why there are “two” Latin pronunciations.  Page 72.
  • Where to go for help when you are stuck. Page 95.
  • Why you are not too old to learn Latin.  Page 107.
  • And more…

Slightly skeptical?  Here is what others have said:

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“I like to say that my daughter has done “school” any way that you can do school, from a traditional classroom setting and modules to various online courses and she is very adamant that you are one of, if not her best teacher!  She is challenged with the content but gains confidence from your energy and humor. When asked why she thinks you are such a good teacher, she will say that she can tell that you respect your students as individuals and that you really enjoy your subject.”

– Josephine 

“G. enjoys it so much and looks forward to class time and to doing her Latin work each day.  You have made her learning experience fun, challenging, and profitable.”

– Angel

I can’t not scream loud enough about this man! My dd had a horrible teacher for Latin and turned her completely off Latin, foreign languages, and anyone except mom teaching her anything – ever!

It took me over a month to talk her into trying him. Within 2 weeks she did a complete turn around – with in a month all I heard was Latin Latin Latin (But without tears this time).

– Samantha

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