Last year I wrote a book on goal setting.  I am now in the process of editing that book.  As I edit, I will post excerpts here on my blog.  This is from chapter one:



You can do this

I believe goal setting is a secret power.  

Have you ever seen a motorized sidewalk in an airport?  If you do not know what I am talking about, some airports have long motorized sidewalks called conveyors.

Hop onto the conveyor and you drastically increase your walking speed.  Whenever I am in an airport, I always use the conveyors.  

Goals are the moving sidewalks in life.  You can walk through life at normal speed.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But, if you want to walk on life’s conveyor belt, start setting goals. 


Aim at nothing, and hit it every time.

We all know people who aim at nothing.  

They wander through life with no real direction.  

They wander from job to job, interest to interest, hobby to hobby, and even from one romantic partner to another.  

They never really settle down.  They never plant their flag and say, “This is where I am going to make a stand.  This is where I am going to make a name for myself.”

This book is not about judging the paths, or motives of others.  We are all on our own journey.

However, if you do want more and simply do not know how to start, this book will help. 

This book will teach you to aim at a goals, and hit them.   

The old saying is true.  Aim at nothing, and you will hit it every time.

The opposite is also true.  Aim at something, and you will hit it. 


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