A few weeks ago, I received this email:

I’m befuddled and hope you can offer some suggestions.  Up through chapter seven of Lingua Latina, I was making myself flashcards of new words. Plus, I’ve also got six cards showing endings for the six cases.  With review, I’m committing them to memory.

However, chapter 8 has totally thrown me. It seems I’d need to memorize 120 random endings for all those pronouns, some of which are duplicate and others that are not. We have been introduced to several of them (I’d guess about 10%).

120 = [4 (is, ills, qui, and quis?) x 3 (fem,mas,neut) x 2 (sing, plur)  x 5 (Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative, Ablative, and Vocative)]

Up till now, I’ve been trying to do the practice pensa without looking at notes and going from memory. With week eight, I imagine this will be impossible if we are expected to know from memory the 120 pronouns

Can you offer any suggestions? How does one, like me, move forward if I can’t memorize all the 120 pronouns.


Here is my reply: