Recently, I received this question:

I have a 17 year old daughter who has done Visual Latin through lesson 45, but hasn’t read Lingua Latina. She is planning on finishing through lesson 50. I noticed your on line classes use the book along with the DVD. I was wondering if my daughter would be able to read the book on her own. What do you recommend? Also, how many credits would she receive? If she would like more advanced studies what would you recommend?

She LOVES Visual Latin!

Thanks for all your help and for creating such an awesome Latin course. We recommend it to everyone who wants to learn Latin!

Here is my response:

Your daughter is ready for Lingua Latina… grammatically.  Visual Latin teaches the grammar of Latin well.

When it comes to Lingua Latina, I usually hear the same complaint.  My students will say, “I get Latin grammar, Mr. Thomas.  It makes sense to me.  I am having a very hard time with all of the new vocabulary in Lingua Latina.

Chances are, your daughter will feel the same.  Give her Lingua Latina.  It is, by far, the best Latin book out there.  Nothing else comes close.

Just make sure you warn her.  She absolutely cannot fall behind on the vocabulary.

As for advanced studies,  here is my recommended reading list:

1. Lingua Latina by Hans Orberg
2. Cornelia by Mima Maxey
3. Ora Maritima by E. A. Sonnenschein
4. Gospel of Matthew by St. Matthew
5. Fabilae Faciles by Francis Ritchie
6. Viri Romae by Llomond
7. Roma Aeterna by Hans Orberg

When you have finished this list, visit the Latin  There you will find more Latin than you will ever read… and it’s all free.

As for high school credits, states vary.  We believe VL is worth a 1/2 credit per semester.  VL plus Lingua Latina provides 1 credit per semester.