A good friend of mine is offering an online Spanish class.  Since so many of you have asked me to teach Spanish, I knew you would be interested.

I am not planning to teach Spanish anytime soon.  And, even if I did offer a class, it would have to be more of a “Learn Spanish with me” class similar to the “Learn Italian with me” class that I offer.

This reason for this is simple.  I am not fluent in Spanish.  I have a long way to go in Spanish.

My friend, David Durham, on the other hand, is fluent in Spanish.  He can actually charge people for his services because he knows what he is talking about.  He and I both have dedicated decades to the study of European languages.  I chose the dead European languages and David chose to learn the living European languages.

I wish I had made the same choice David made years ago.  I am making it now, but I have a long way to go before I will be fluent in Italian, French, German, Spanish, and Greek.

If you want to learn Spanish and you don’t have time to wait around for me, you could start learning right now.  Simply click the following link to get started: https://worldtothewiseacademy.teachable.com/?affcode=34990_fw7ebn6i

Full disclosure.  This is an affiliate link.  But, I don’t mind.  I am happy to help my friend David.

By the way.  I will be teaming up with David in Italy and France in a few weeks.  We may be leading European tours together in the years ahead.  This summer, I am testing those tours out on my own kids.  Parents, I am not yet ready to bring your kids over here.  I want to test the trips out on my kids first.

Even with the tours, you don’t have to wait around on me.  You can go with David without me.  Check out David’s tours right here: https://daviddurham.org/tours/