I received this email:

Hi Dwane,

Thank you for utilizing your gifts to teach Latin.  I know Ruby emailed you this morning to express her gratitude and I must say it’s huge for her to have anything but dread and feelings of inadequacy with Latin!  There is something special about your style, and that has drawn her in.   

I tutor Challenge B and this is my first year to tutor the Latin strand, so I too am grateful for your entertaining and effective method of teaching. I hope to be like you when I grow up!

ps – As a native of Oklahoma, I am familiar with Altus.  I think we played Altus in basketball, a loooooooooong time ago;)

Thank you,

Here is my reply:

I was super happy to receive your daughter’s email.  Made my day.  I deal with so many “Latin refugees”.  In some ways, I have a sad job.  Some of the stories are hard to read.  It means a lot to me when a student takes the time to turn around and say, “Thank you.”

Thanks for your note, too.  It means even more to me when an adult says “Thank you.”  

I was in Altus when I was young.  All of my earliest memories originate in Altus, Oklahoma.  It’s weird, but every time I pick up the scent of a certain type of oil, my mind instantly flashes back to Altus. 

Have a great day!