My boys loved your Word Up dvd and thought you were great too.  Would love to learn more about your online class?

Also, is there a Word Up volume 2?  What would you recommend for 6th and 7th graders?

Thank you.




Glad to hear you guys enjoyed Word Up!  I wish I could offer another volume, but I can’t.  We only created one DVD.  I hope we launch more some day. 

If you are crazy enough to get up early, I include anyone who wants to come in my daily research.  It’s not as fun as Word Up, but your vocabulary WILL improve.

Again, anyone can come.  The class is free.  Here is the link:

I will pause it in about 10 days as I am heading to Greece to study Greek.  May, or may not teach from overseas.  Haven’t decided.    

To see what an online class looks like, just click here:

Have a great day!   – Dwane