April: the fourth month. 

April derives from the French avril, which is from Latin Aprilis.  Aprilis was the second month of the ancient Roman calendar… until it became the fourth month.

No one really knows where the word comes from, but, that hasn’t stopped everyone from guessing.  Some think it may have come from an old word for Aphrodite.  Others think it may be related to the Latin word aperire, meaning, to open.  After all, the flowers and plants “open” to the sun at this time.  Well, they open in the Northern hemisphere. 

The Roman name Aprilis replaced the Old English Eastermonað.  Eastermonað, of course, means Easter month.

Personally, I think the month was renamed by the Romans as a prank.  Aprilis has no meaning whatsoever.  The Romans were just messing with us.  After all, April does start on April 1.