I received this question:

I have a question about Visual Latin. I have three children taking the course and I need to know if

1. ) it’s considered ok for them to use charts for cases and declensions on the quizzes.? We’re REALLY struggling with memorizing these and they’re doing poorly. Would using the charts be considered cheating by the products intended standards??

2.) Do you know of any worksheets offered that would match up with the lessons to help reinforce the materials?

Here is my reply:

Use the charts.  All the time.  

I still refer to the charts and I can read in Latin fine.  

I am trying to master Greek, and I keep the Greek charts near me always.  

Some teachers seem to think that it is cheating to reference the charts while working.  I disagree.  The charts speed the tedious process up.  

Though you should take it slowly, I recommend extensive reading to reinforce the grammar in Visual Latin.  Here is a blog post that may help you: https://dwanethomas.com/extra-practice/

Let me know if you need more help!

Have a happy Thursday!