I received this comment:

Comment: Are there any additional worksheets for Latin 1 lessons? We could use some extra practice starting with lesson 7.

Here is my reply:

For extra practice, there are several things you can do.  

I always recommend that students start reading Lingua Latin by Hans Ørberg. 

I can sometimes find it online by simply typing in “Lingua Latina pdf”. But, I’d be careful with that.  

Though it is rather pricey, I recommend buying a physical copy:

Lingua Latina, by Hans Ørberg


Naturally, there are other books you could read to learn Latin. 

Here are some of my favorites:

For Beginners:

1.  Cornelia by Mima Maxey

2.  Carolus et Maria by Marjorie Fay

3.  Julia by Maud Reed

4.  Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg

For Intermediates:

1. Ora Maritima by E. A. Sonnenschein

2. Fabulae Faciles by Francis Ritchie

3. De America, by Herbert Nutting

4. Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg

5. Viri Romae by Charles Llomond

For more advanced students:

1. Gospel of Matthew by St. Matthew

2. Roma Aeterna by Hans Orberg

When you have finished this list, visit the Latin Library.com.  There you will find more Latin than you will ever read… and it’s all free.

if you want more practice videos, I have a series of videos on YouTube.

Here they are: 




 I will be developing more practice videos and practice material in the months and years ahead.   Just keep an eye on my website to watch for these.

 Let me know if you need more help! Or, let me know if you have any suggestions!