Are you an AMC stubs loser?

Sometime ago, my wife and I went to see the movie Reminiscence at our local theater.

Since this post is not about the movie let me just say a few quick things about it.

It was OK, I suppose. The movie did what it was supposed to do. It entertained us for a few hours.

The movie was set in post-climate change, half-flooded Miami. You know, Miami in 10 years, when all the climate change predictions come true. Because they will come true. Real soon. Any day now.

Just like all these harebrained predictions came true. 

Back to AMC. During the previews (I guess they’re called trailers now) my wife and I watched an ad for AMC stubs.

According to the ad, we could subscribe to AMC stubs a list for $19.95 a month and see three movies a week.

Three movies a week!

OK. Two things.

First, I go to the movie theater with my wife maybe twice a year. Hollywood spews out so much filth and drivel it’s hard for me to go even three times a year. 

Three times a week? What would we watch?

Second, let’s do some math. 

After driving to the theater, going to the restaurant, may be getting popcorn, sitting through thirty minutes of previews/trailers and finally, watching a two hour movie, we’ve spent three hours.

Were we to go three times a week would be spending 9 to 10 hours a week at the theater.

That’s a part-time job!

Or, that’s how much time it takes to learn a new skill. For example I spend about that much time biking every week.

I spent about that much time a week learning French.

I really hope none of you are spending nine hours a week at the theater. 

It adds up.

Nine hours a week times 50 weeks equals 450 hours a year! 

Divide 450 hours by 40 and you end up with eleven 40 hour work weeks!  

That’s enough time to hit your goals. 

You could learn a new skill. You could start a blog. You could build a website. You could read and review books on your website. You could get back into shape. You could train for a marathon.

Let’s turn the numbers above into a dollar figure.  

Assuming you earn $10 an hour, 450 hours comes out to $4,500 a year 

Add the $20 a month for the membership.  That’s an extra $240.  The total cost of becoming an A-List member is $4,740 a year!  

And, then there’s the gas money you’d have to spend to get you there.

Doesn’t seem worth it to me.

So, yeah… I’ll pass on becoming an AMC step stubs A-list member.  

I hope you will, too.