A few days ago, one of my kids reminded me of Babadum.

How do I forget this stuff?

I used to use Babadum.  Then I forgot about it.  Now it’s back.

I am no big fan of flashcards.  But, if the flashcards help you with pronunciation, I am a big fan.

Babadum is a fun flashcard program that will help you with pronunciation.  It comes in 22 languages, and it’s free.

I would tell you to give it to your kids for Christmas, but, I have to warn you.  Babadum will teach you some bizarre words that you will never use in your target language.  It will also teach some words that you would never want to use.

Oh well.

Must be a European site.

Still, it’s worth it.  Learning Italian, Greek, or French pronunciation is worth it.

Check it out.  Babadum.