I am re-reading many of the testimonials that have come in through the years.  I am mining them for some advertising ideas.

Honestly, by March, I am done with Latin.  Tired of it.  If Latin came over to my house to ask to borrow an egg, I would probably throw the egg at it.  In fact, I think I would like to throw an entire carton of eggs while Latin runs terrified back into the street.

By August, I will be ready to talk to Latin again.  But, in March… I need some help.  Reading through these old comments may be bad medicine, but bad medicine is what I need.

Anyway, it’s good to go through the testimonials again.  It’s good to be reminded that I am helping people.  It’s good to be reminded that I am not the only one frustrated with Latin.  Others are, too.  Especially those who are plowing through the Henle Latin series.

Anyway, here is one of the notes that made me happy:

“Your Latin teaching videos are fabulous and  I have fallen in love your teaching!

I was able to have a look at the enormous list of videos.

I’m impressed indeed!  How much energy and how many years must have gone into producing them all!!

I’ve finished viewing the first video and here again I’m astonished at the well-organized teaching method.

I’m thinking of joining Live Online Lingua Latina Class in the near future, but first of all I had better buy the textbook Lingua Latina.  Your introduction and explanation of the structure of the textbook in the video 1 has convinced me that I should buy a copy.”

– Hideo

There are many more.  Here they are: