Every few months, I edit, or add to this post, and then re-post it.  Here we go again.

College, for me, was a waste of time.  I naively did what I was told.  I did what every high school graduate was supposed to do.  I went to college.

It was a four year delay of game.

At least that’s all it was.  I have friends and family who are now strapped with college debt (which you cannot legally default on). They will be paying it off for years.  Most of them do not even work in their chosen field of study.

There is more information out there now.  It is getting harder to keep the truth suppressed.

Before considering college, watch this video:


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Like me you may question the system completely.  I had one dream, and only one dream growing up.  I wanted to fly for the U.S. Air Force, or for the U.S. Navy.  I grew up on U.S. Air Force bases.  I knew what I was getting into.  I knew what it was like to live in and around the U.S. military.  This was not some childhood pipe dream.

School ruined the dream.  I do not exactly have a mathematical brain.  I am better with words and with people than I am with numbers.

I took the standardized tests, and did extremely well, except in math. Because of my math scores, my test scores sank.  My college transcript is also not that pretty.  Again, I did well in any subject based on words, reading, writing, or thinking.  In math, I tanked.  My transcript reflected this.

Due to a less than beautiful transcript, and less than perfect test scores, I was rejected from the Naval and Air Force Academies.

Algebra took me down.  Since graduation, I have used algebra exactly… never.  Thanks, algebra.  Thanks, Committee of Ten for meeting three days in 1892, to determine that I would need to study a subject I would never need, and never use, but, that would keep me from doing exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

Thank you for stealing my dream.

Hey, school.  Please stop stealing other people’s dreams.