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After Greek 1?

I received this question:

Hey Mr Dwane, I know this is an early question but what will we do next (school) year for greek? Will we run through Machen’s book again? Is there a second Machen book? Would you consider starting a class that just went straight through the New Testament? It would be cool if we could do that, maybe start somewhere in the Gospels. At the same time it’d be cool we could start one of Paul’s letters and rotate because I’ve always wanted to read those in the original language. Just wondering. Thanks!

Here is my reply:

Currently, this is the plan.  We will get through New Testament Greek for Beginners by J. Gresham Machen.  Hopefully, we will read the book through this year.  Then, next year, we will tackle one of the gospels together.  After that, who knows?

I do plan to teach the book again next year.  Subscribers are welcome to repeat if they like.  I would.  I have read the book a half dozen times, and I still need it.  But, perhaps that is because I am old.

Stop panicking.

I grew up with the worldview that everything was going to become increasingly worse until finally, the last few true believers would be pulled off the planet.

After the rescue would come the apocalypse.

I now believe that is nonsense.

As Dr. Gary North says, “We are not about to enter a dark age. We are about to enter an age of greater liberty and wealth. It is time to watch Hans Rosling’s video once again. We had better watch it at least once a year.”

When I was a kid, communism was supposed to take over the world.  Instead, it collapsed.  I was on the Berlin wall during the week it came down.  A few months later, East Germany was no more.  And, in 1991, The Soviet Union closed its doors. It simply went out of business with barely a whimper.

Like it or not, the gospel of Jesus Christ is winning.  It will continue to win.  All empires will kneel.


One thing is sure: conservative American Protestantism is not future-oriented. In this sense, it is lower class.  Lower-class people and movements do not shape history; they are carried along in the back of the bus in order to be milked by those future-oriented people and movements that do shape history.

I wrote this book for Christians who are tired of being milked, bilked, and forced to ride silently in the back of humanism’s bus.

Gary North in “Crossed Fingers, How the Liberals Captured the Presbyterian Church

A little too ironic…

I received an email from a public school wanting to join my classes. The email included this note.

This doesn’t appear to be Christian, but their (sic) are biblical resources here….as a public charter we can’t pay for non-secular classes….just checking…let me know.

Here is my reply:

I am a Christian and I do teach from a distinctly Christian worldview.  Of course, secular comes from the Latin word saeculum which means 100 years, or the current age.  Since I am living in the current age, one could argue that my classes are secular.  And, so is this email.  🙂

Anyway, I doubt we will be able to work together.  I need no more students.  And, I definitely need no more paperwork.  Last of all, I refuse to take money from any government organizations (though they are quite happy to take mine).  

If you take the king’s dime, you are the king’s man.  The sooner American’s start saying, “No, thank you” to Uncle Sam, the sooner we will experience freedom.  

This includes saying “No, thank you” to that massive indoctrination welfare boondoggle known as the public school system.

I apologize for the inconvenience this causes.  I truly do enjoy helping people. 


Ironically, I am responding to this on the fourth of July.  For those who do not know, the fourth of July is the day we won our independence from a taxation rate of 1%.  Could have been as high as 2.5% in the southern colonies.   Think I am kidding?  Check this out:

It gets better.  According to a study by the Cato Institute, the U.S. ranks 20th in total freedom.  The U.K. (we won our independence from the U.K.) ranks 9th.  Among the top ten for freedom in the world today are five former British colonies.  

Ooops.  Maybe we shouldn’t have broken up with our British girlfriend.

In terms of personal freedom, the U.S. doesn’t even make the list.  That’s right.  We are somewhere behind Poland.

Instead of personal freedom, we get this: 

Ready to join the fight for freedom?  It’s easy.

First, pull your kids out of the government school system.

Second, start refusing government money.  All of it.

I don’t expect Americans will do either.

Oh, well.  At least there will be some pretty good food available today.

 The world is getting better.

I received an interesting question from one of my students.

I was at youth group tonight (mine meets on Monday nights) and I was thinking about something that you had said in the Harry Potter class. At least I think it was in the Harry Potter class. Maybe it was another class. Maybe it wasn’t even something that you said. But I think it was you who was talking about how the average lifespan was on a downward spiral and as soon as Jesus Christ came, it started going back up to where it is today. Was this you? If so, did you find this in an actual scientific study or was it just observation and googling? I’d love to know where you were coming from on that point. And if it wasn’t you, what do you think of this phenomenon?

Here is my reply:

It was me. 

Understand that many, many Christians would disagree with me on this.  I, myself, am still trying to figure some of this stuff out. 

But, yes.  I believe the book of Revelation was a warning to early believers.  I believe it was a warning of the coming destruction of Jerusalem.  I came this by studying Roman history and I especially came to this conclusion after reading The Jewish Wars by Josephus. 

I believe the ancient world was dark and getting darker. 

Then, Christ showed up.  A bright light pierced the darkness. 

Since Christ, the gospel has spread.  With the spread has come much that has been good for the world.  I believe this will continue. 

I am not the only one to recognize this phenomenon.

Here is someone else who talks about this all the time:

Here is an article by him on human longevity:

Before the flood, people lived very long lives.  After the flood, the numbers began dropping.

Noah lived 350 years after the flood.

Abraham was 175 years old when he died.

Moses was 120 years old.

David wrote in the Psalms that most people get 70 years, some 80.

By the time of Christ, lifespans had dropped to about 35 years.

On this side of Christianity, lifespans are slowly increasing. 

When I was a kid, almost no one made it to 100.  These days, it’s not uncommon.  We are hearing more and more about people living to be 105, 110, 115 and some even make it to 120.

I continue to research this topic whenever I have the time.  One of these days, I am going to teach a class on the subject.  One of these days….  Maybe when I’m 90.  🙂

There are still problems ahead.  There will be wars.  There will be disasters.  In other words, life will go on.

But, one thing has been true since the days of Rome.  Christianity will spread.  Lifespans seem to be getting longer.  The world is getting better.

Many people don’t like this idea.  Doesn’t matter.  Get used to it:

Here’s another:


I’m done.

I don’t weigh in much on politics.  For the most part, politics is a tar baby.  Especially in my extended family.  Best to avoid the conversation.

Generally, I have had the same stance with Islam.

But, after the attacks in London, and especially after the attack during the Arianna Grande concert in Manchester, I am done.  Can you identify another religion who targets a bunch of little girls at a concert?

Neither can I.

I have shifted my position.  Islam is the enemy.  This needs to be said by more people and it needs to be said more often.

I am with Bruce Bawer.  I refuse to ignore the truth any longer.  I also refuse to lie about Islam.  I am not going rouge.  I am simply joining the sane chorus of voices who dare to speak the truth.

Deceive yourself if you like.  I’m done.

I majored in History in college.  I never heard any of the following.  Did you hear any of this when you were in college?  I doubt it.

Author Douglas Wilson comments on this same subject in a post from 2011 entitled, Seven Memes for Keeping Christians in their Place.

“The Crusades were actually a long overdue defensive reaction to many years of Muslim belligerence, militarism, agressiveness, and provocation. If a “crusade” is an unprovoked military attack on religious grounds, then we need to start speaking of the Muslim Crusades. One could, however, criticize Christian Europe for being so slow to respond.”

Dr. Bill Warner throws down the gauntlet.  I am paraphrasing. “Don’t like what I am saying?  Disagree?  Do your own research.  This is not hate.  This is history.”

Here are some sobering statistics:

Personally, I believe Islam is nervous.  Here is why:

Like it or not, Christianity will spread until it conquers the globe.

Christianity is not shrinking.  It is not diminishing.  It is not retreating.

On the contrary, it is a wildfire.

Read The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity, by Philip Jenkins.

American and European Christians need to stop apologizing.   Like it or not, Christianity wins.

Don’t take life for granted.

By now, most of you know that my son was recently involved in a serious car accident.

He has now been in ICU at Aurora Medical Center in Aurora, Colorado for over a week.

My wife, my girls, and I received the news while we were in Athens, Greece.  We quickly shut down all our affairs there and flew home.

Since then, we have been living in a hotel across the street from the hospital.  My son needs 24-hour attention.   My wife is taking days, and I am taking nights.

Jackson and a friend were in the car.  His friend suffered a few minor scratches.  My son, Jackson, suffered severely.  Broken upper left arm, shattered left hand, a severe laceration to the head, broken ribs, a punctured lung, and fractured vertebrae.

My wife, my girls and I drove out to see the van he was driving at the time of the accident.  It is demolished.  By all accounts, he should not have survived.

We spoke to him by Skype the night before the accident.  We had a good conversation.

My tip this week?

Don’t take life for granted.

Life can end in an instant.  Drop the grudges.  Grant forgiveness.  Call an old friend.  Tell your kids that you love them.

Have a happy Saturday!
Dwane Thomas

P.S.  The hotel wifi is terrible.  Classes will likely be canceled this week as well.  I hate that.  I am searching for a solution.  Either way, I will make it up to you.  Either I will pre-record classes for this week, or we will just meet a few times this summer.  Somehow, I will make it up to you.

And, finally, if you are waiting for a response from me, hang in there.  Doing my best to catch up.