I received this inquiry:

This looks like a great class. My high school daughters already have a full schedule, but are interested. What amount of homework will be included? Would you also suggest it for upper elementary?

Here is my reply:

I am still developing this class.  This is the first year, in fact.  There will be quizzes each week, but, I have not worked out the homework piece of the class yet.  

Initially, we were going to read “Word Power Made Easy” by Norman Lewis, but I had to abandon the book due to multiple inappropriate sexual innuendos.  I have not replaced the book yet.  

At this point, I am planning to simply include students in the writing process as I have already begun writing my own version of Word Power Made Easy.  

As for homework, though, I have little at this point.  Students will come weekly to class, and they will take a weekly quiz on my website.  Beyond that, at this point, there isn’t much.  There will be “recommended” reading.  I suppose that could count as homework.

I realize this is not much of an answer.  But, at the moment, it is the best I’ve got.