Cabbage: a hard round vegetable with green or purple, lettuce-like leaves.

Who knew cabbage could be so interesting?  Most of you thought of the definition above when you read the word cabbage.  You were right to do so.  Cabbage is one of the leafy foods your kids just will not eat.

The Germans tried to trick their kids into it.  They turned it into Sauerkraut.  Two world wars broke out.

But, cabbage, as it turns out, is more than cabbage.  It can also be money.  In slang English cabbage (and lettuce) can mean money.  In one glamorous song, the poet complains.  “Brotha gotta keep enough lettuce to support your shoe fetish.”  I have a wife and four daughters.  I feel ya pain, brotha.

Gangsters got slang.  So do truckers.  According to one site, there is a long steep incline in Oregon known as cabbage.

Okay.  I know this post is weird.  Might as well stray into weirder.  After all, we’ve come this far together.

The website, warns us that it is bad to dream of cabbage.  I’m serious.  Or, they are.  If you dream of green cabbage, your love life is about to tank.  If you dream of cutting the heads off of cabbage, it means you need to cut back on the spending.  Really.  You are spending too much cabbage (possibly to support a shoe fetish) and you are about to go broke.

Believe it or not,  I am going to bring this all back to Latin.  Cabbage comes from the French word caboche.  These days, caboche means “noggin.”  This makes me want to watch Finding Nemo in French.

In Middle French, caboche meant head.

Whew.  We are finally here.  The French word, caboche, came from the old Latin word for head, caput.