I received this question:

Would my daughter be equipped to take Lingua Latina 2 if she finishes through Henle 1 lesson 26?

Here’s my reply:

Unfortunately, it isn’t likely.  Here is why.  First Year Latin by Robert Henle teaches students 497 words, and most of them are war words.  She already knows that.  Lingua Latina is a book of peace.  There is some war terminology, but not nearly as much.  Also, Lingua Latina teaches students almost 2,000 words.   

We start Lingua Latina 2 in chapter 19 of Lingua Latina.  The good news is that your daughter will have the grammar she needs to get through the first 19 chapters of the book… and beyond.  She just will not be ready to take on the vocabulary if she jumps right into chapter 19.  

Here is what I suggest.  If you know you want to join this class in the fall, go ahead and order the book now,  Just click this link: Lingua Latina.  Have her start reading the book over the summer.  Just treat it like a novel (which it is).  After, First Year Latin by Robert Henle, she will likely enjoy reading Lingua Latina.   

If she is comfortable with the first 19 chapters, she is welcome to join us in the fall in the second part of the class.   

Let me know if you need more help! 

Have a happy Saturday!