I received this question:

My son has done two years of https://www.livelylatin.com/ online. I know it’s not an intense course, but he’s starting high school next year and I wonder if he would be okay in Henle 2 or if he should start with Henle 1. Do you have a placement test available? Thank you!

Here is my reply:

Unfortunately, I do not have any kind of placement test.  I wish I did.  

I can tell you, though, that the classes I teach online are aggressive.  For this reason, I recommend everyone start at the beginning.  My courses take students from zero to reading the New Testament in Latin in two years.  No other courses that I know of do this.  Almost all of my students are struggling by the third semester.  The classes are just tough.

For this reason, I record everything I teach.  This enables students to slow down and move at their own pace if they need to.  

 You could also use the recordings over the summer in order to prepare for Henle 2 if you wanted.


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