I received this question:

My daughters are around lesson 42 of VL2. The complexity of the C lessons are getting challenging. I wanted your opinion in allowing them to use your comprehensive vocabulary list as they work through the C lessons (or a latin dictionary). Or should they know, at this point, all of the vocab you use in the C lessons?

I appreciate your feedback,


Here is my reply:

I “teach” Spanish and French live every weekday morning.  Really, I am learning the languages in front of my students on my site: www.dwanethomas.com.

Here’s why I am telling you this.  While doing this, I have google translate open, conjugating tabs open, and all kinds of other language helps.  I am constantly using outside help, including dictionaries, to learn.

I encourage Visual Latin students to do the same.  Use dictionaries, websites, or whatever you find helpful as you are learning Latin.  Keep them nearby during tests if you want.

I am a big proponent of memorization, but I am also a proponent of using any tools necessary to get the job done.  When learning Latin, dictionaries are tools.  So, I would definitely let your daughter’s use them.

Here is one of my favorite online Latin dictionaries, by the way: http://latin-dictionary.net/

Hope you, and your girls, are having a great day!

Dwane Thomas