Cavalcade: A procession of riders on horseback.

Or, a cavalcade might also be a ceremonial procession, as in, a parade. Cavalcades no longer require horses. These days, a cavalcade could be a procession of vehicles, as in, “the presidential cavalcade.”

Several years ago, my family and I had to stop in Atlanta on the southbound interstate. We had to wait while the presidential cavalcade travelled north on the other side. To this day, we have not received an apology. No card, note, email, nothing. Ruuuuuude.

Finally, a cavalcade could be a series, or chain of events. Before launching Visual Latin, no one but Compass Cinema asked me to create any videos. Since Visual Latin, a cavalcade of requests have inundated me. By the way, I don’t really speak Klingon. Stop asking me to create a Klingon series.

Cavalcade comes from the French cavalcade, which itself derives from the Italian cavalcare, meaning, to ride on horseback. The Italian word, naturally, comes from Latin. The common Latin word for horse, was caballus.