Circuitous: the indirect path.

I made a mistake. My son asked to go out West. I told him that I just did not have time to plan such a trip, but, that if he would plan the trip, I would take the family. He planned the trip. And, to make sure my ships were burnt, last night my wife rented out our house. No turning back now.

We will be taking the circuitous route throughout the West. For the month of June, we will live on the road, camping our way across the country.

I may not be on my computer much. I will try, of course, but, we will see.

Circuitous comes from the Latin circuitus, meaning “ a going around,” “a wandering through.”

The Latin word circuitus comes from the Latin word circum (ring, circle, around, about).

We can use circuitous to describe conversation as well.  If someone is not being direct, if they are hinting around about something, they are being circuitous.

I don’t have much patience for circuitous conversationalists.  Out with it boldly.  Truth loves open dealing.