I am starting to get questions about classes in the fall.

Short answer: I’ll be back.

Long answer:

I am done with First Year Latin by Robert Henle and will not be teaching it again.  Not even at gunpoint.  I’ve had enough of that book.  But, all of those classes are still up and members have access to them, the tests, and the forums 24/7.  Like Netflix.  For Latin.

I am currently finishing Lingua Latina.  Love that book.  No complaints.  Hans Ørberg was brilliant.  Still, after teaching the book for over 10 years, I am moving on.  Only because there is more to teach.  Not because I don’t like the book.  Just like the note on First Year Latin above, members have access to the Lingua Latina classes, the tests, and the forums 24/7.

Next year, I will be finishing up Second Year Latin by Robert Henle.  Actually, if I could get the tech misfires figured out, I would be teaching that class right now.  It’s one of the summer classes I am offering.  Trying again in the morning, in fact.

After finishing Second Year Latin by Robert Henle, we will move right into Third Year Latin by Robert Henle.  That will happen at some point in the Fall.

I will be “teaching” French and Spanish again in the fall.  Not teaching at all, really.  I will be learning publicly in front of anyone who feels like coming to class.

And, as always, I will be typing.  Typing.  Typing.  Typing.  Tests, quizzes, worksheets, and so on.  Should have majored in typing in college.

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Hope you guys are having a fantastic day!