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Just so you know… If you are heading over to Compass Classroom to buy Visual Latin…

Visual Latin is more designed for middle school students.  It is designed to help Latin students with any Latin curriculum.  So many Latin courses are based on books.  They can be quite dull.  We designed Visual Latin to take some of the pain out of learning Latin.  The series can be used with any Latin book, including Henle Latin.

Unfortunately, Visual Latin is not included with a subscription to my site.

The Latin classes on my own site ( are “next level” classes.  They are designed for students who have completed Visual Latin and who want something more.

Or, in the case of Henle Latin, the classes are designed for students who feel they need extra help with that notoriously tough course.

I always recommend Visual Latin first.  Then, if students want more, I recommend Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.

I only recommend First Year Latin by Robert Henle for those in Classical Conversations.  There is a teaching guide for those using Visual Latin to work their way through Henle Latin.  Here it is:

I hope that explains the differences between the Visual Latin and the Latin classes on this site.

Still, check out the sale over at Compass Classroom.  They sell more than Latin.